My family and I highly recommend Flamingo Pet Clinic. Their staff is caring and compassionate.Our sister/aunt brought her long-billed, green conure here for care for many years. During the last few months, we, the family, took over responsibility and brought the conure in for his routine care. We always found the staff and veterinarians to be caring and concerned about the well-being of her conure. Dr. Williams has such a compassionate heart and was there to help us deal with a very difficult situation. His light truly shines bright and is reflected in the care for all God’s creatures. Thank you so much for all the care you gave to our family’s pets!

Vicky L.

After learning that Dr. Moore is no longer with the Green Valley Animal Hospital and that they no longer provide bird care, I panicked. Upon calling the clinic where he relocated his practice, I was told that he was off today. Frantically, I requested a pet clinic for bird care and was given FLAMINGO PET CLINIC. I was told to come immediately, so I placed my 16-year-old adopted Quaker in the travel cage and made the drive. He was diminishing rapidly and minutes prior to arriving at the clinic, my Jammer made his last sounds. I feared he had expired enroute. The professionals at the clinic handled the situation with utmost care, informing me that he showed signs of being past time to be revived. Nonetheless, they gave him one more revival attempt because I asked. Dr. Bryan Kenton spent time explaining to me that the nature of the bird’s age made it likely that he was simply ready to die of old age. Meanwhile, my other 18-year-old Quaker still thrives in the same cage habitat. No rhyme or reason, but still a mourning pet owner appreciates these reassurances from a professional who knows birds. Dr. Kenton is absolutely compassionate and left an impression of someone who seriously cares about the creatures he cares for and their owners. Thanks Dr. Kenton. You helped me through a heartbreaking loss of a beloved pet. Followup: Two days later, I received a thoughtful sympathy card signed by Dr.Kenton and each of his staff.) Very heartwarming touch reminding me that these people care.

Debra S.

I had my rabbit spayed here for $115. Pretty good price compared to all the other places I called! Check in was fairly quickly. The staff was very friendly. It was very clean. The vetirinarian took the time to explain everything before and after surgery. My rabbit is doing great. Im definitely coming again.

Laura C.

Why does the most awesome vet in town have to be located a million miles from my house?!? I was sent here by the place (Puppy Boutique!) where I got my little Frenchie for a free checkup. I was a little skeptical because it’s on the east side and was planning on going for my free visit and then finding somewhere closer to my digs. Then I met Dr. Williams. There is just something so awesome about a veterinarian who loves your dog so much he would rather play with him and check him out then interact with his humans! haha. Believe it or not, I’ve personally known a vet who hated animals. One of many bad life choices for him, I guess. I digress . The front desk staff is really helpful and nice. This place is obviously beloved by all variety of pet owners. The waiting area was booming, and I saw several different dogs and even a few kitties. Dr. Williams is truly the puppy whisperer and their prices are very reasonable. I will definitely be back. This place is worth the trek from the Southwest.

Heather R.

Although we miss Dr. Hauck very very much ( happy retirement) we still love Dr. Kenton. He did my dogs surgery and I couldn’t have asked for a better doctor.

Amity D.

I’ve taken my dog here on multiple occasions for shots and check ups. They’re great people and very respectful! I have a siberian husky who is a little hyper and talkative, but the staff is always cheerful and great with her. I’d recommend any of the doctors, I’m not particular at this location and have gone to all of them at least once and they’re all great! All my questions are always answered (I even do research before and after to verify and they’re always spot on with everything I find). The prices are fair and not expensive for their service. I’ll continue to come here even though I moved farther away and there are plenty of vet’s in my area now, I still prefer these guys over everyone else because they have amazing service and are always friendly!

Jasmine H.

We got our green cheek conures 5months ago and have seen Dr. Kenton 3 times sice then. Went for a routine exam, wing and nail clippings, and DNA sexing. He and his staff answer all questions thoroughly and address your concerns. He never seems like he’s rushing his time with you, and is gentle handling our babies. Finding a good doctor for you or anyone can take multiple tries so I’m happy to have chosen Flamingo Pet on my first try .

Ronaliz O.