We Provide High Quality Services for Your Pets

We offer a wide range of services to help care for your pets. Our clinic is equipped to handle everything from regular health checkups to emergency services including surgery. We use all state of the art equipment and the newest technological advances to ensure a clean, safe, and welcoming environment.

  • Avian (bird) Husbandry & Grooming
  • Avian Medicine, Surgery, & Endoscopy
  • Canine Vaccinations and Parasite Control
  • Canine Senior Wellness Care
  • Feline Vaccinations & Parasite Control
  • Feline Senior Wellness Care
  • Rabbit & Small Mammal Husbandry & Medicine
  • Reptile Husbandry & Medicine
  • Pain Management
  • General Surgery (spay, neuter, etc)

We no longer perform ear cropping.

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