Are Dental Cleanings Important in Dogs?

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Keeping your dog’s teeth healthy is a vitally important part of her care. Not only are her teeth essential for her to be able to bite and chew her food properly, but poor dental hygiene could potentially jeopardize her overall health and wellbeing. In addition to pain and suffering, poor dental care has been shown to be a contributing factor in dogs that develop problems ranging from periodontal disease to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, kidney and liver disorders and even cancer.

Regularly brushing your dog’s teeth is the very best way to keep her mouth healthy and avoid these problems. While day to day dental care is solely your responsibility, there is another important thing that you can do to stay on top of her oral hygiene – book her in for professional dental cleanings.

What are professional dog dental cleanings?

As the name suggests, a professional dental clean is a thorough clean of your dog’s teeth but performed by a professional. Although you may have developed a great brushing technique and have built the process solidly into your routine, even the most experienced and conscientious owner cannot clean their canine’s teeth to the same standard as seen in a professional clean. There are two reasons for this.

They use general anesthetic

Most professional dental cleans are performed using a general anesthetic, which makes your dog unconscious for the duration of the process. There are three distinct benefits to doing this.

1. Your dog will have no awareness of what is going on, which will mean she will be not be stressed out by the process.

2. She will be completely still during the procedure, so our vet will have unfettered access to your dog’s mouth and teeth.

3. Since your pet will be totally still, it makes the cleaning process much safer for both her and our vet.

Professional tools

A regular toothbrush is fine for cleaning your pet’s teeth on a day to day basis. However, our vet will have a whole host of especially-designed dental tools are her disposal, meaning that your dog will receive the cleanest of cleans.

Why are professional cleans so important?

We have already established that the quality of the clean that our vet can provide is far superior to what you can do with a regular toothbrush. This means that a regular professional clean can be hugely beneficial for your pet’s health and can help to prevent:

- Infections

- Invasive dental treatment

- Dental pain

- Periodontal disease

- Other side effects such as trouble eating, loss of appetite

- General health problems associated with poor oral hygiene, such as diabetes

- Tooth loss

- Expensive veterinary bills

Professional cleans also gives our veterinarian an opportunity to regularly assess the health and condition of your dog’s teeth and oral cavity. This increases the likelihood that any potential problems are spotted early, and treatment can be started before there are debilitating and painful side effects, or long-term implications for your dog’s health.

If you would like to learn more about professional dental cleans, or if you would like to arrange for your canine companion to have her first ever clean by our veterinarian, please do not hesitate to contact our offices. Our friendly, expert team would be delighted to assist you.