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The Importance of Microchipping Your Pet

Microchipping your pet is important for many reasons in case they get lost. Book an appointment with Flamingo Pet Clinic Las Vegas, NV (702) 734-9761.

How To Deal With Pet Behavior Problems

Behavior ‘problems’ are often misunderstood and mishandled by pet parents. Often, these problems are natural behaviors that require just a bit of training – both by you and a professional pet trainer. When your pet is always making noise, chewing on things, jumping up, or biting unsuspecting company, there is no real cause for concern.

How to Give your Pet Medication - Pet Care Tips

Pets are averse to swallowing medications making the post care process more complicated. To avoid a breakdown in trust between you and your pet, let’s cover how to give your pet medication when they need it the most.

10 Foods To Keep Away From Your Pet

Author:Flamingo Pet ClinicDate:2019-01-23
Flamingo Pet Clinic shares a list of fatal food to keep in mind for your pet's safety. To learn more, call 702-903-3200 today!

How to Keep Outdoor Pets Warm in Winter

Author:Flamingo Pet ClinicDate:2018-12-18
If you would like further pet wellness advice on how to keep your outdoor pets warm this holiday season, call Flamingo Pet Clinic at 702-903-3200 today!

How Can you Tell When Your Pet is in Pain?

Author:Flamingo Pet ClinicDate:2018-11-30
Flamingo Pet Clinic shares some factors on how you can know whether your pet is in pain. Call 702-903-3200 to know more.

What to Know Before You Board Your Pet

Author:Flamingo Pet ClinicDate:2018-10-16
Flamingo Pet Clinic shares a guide to what to know before you board your pet. To know more, give us a call at 702-903-3200 today!

How Can I be Prepared for a Pet Emergency?

Author:Flamingo Pet ClinicDate:2018-09-17
Flamingo Pet Clinic shares some guidelines on how to prepare during a pet emergency. To know more, give us a call at 702-903-3200 today!

Summer Treats You Can Make for Your Pet

Author:Flamingo Pet ClinicDate:2018-08-16
Know some of the summer treats you can make that your pets would surely love. Call us at 702-903-3200 to learn more.

Healthy Treats for Dogs from our Table

Author:Flamingo Pet ClinicDate:2018-07-16
There are many human snacks that are considered fairly healthy for dogs provided they are given in controlled quantities. Know more about it here.

What to Do When your Pet is Having a Seizure

Author:Flamingo Pet ClinicDate:2018-06-15
Know the guidelines on the immediate actions to take when your pet is having a seizure. Contact Flamingo Pet Clinic at 702-903-3200 for details.

Simple Dog Grooming Tips to Save Time and Money

Author:Flamingo Pet ClinicDate:2018-05-16
New pet owners sometimes find it difficult to keep their dog well groomed, know the grooming tips to save time and money at Flamingo Pet Clinic.

Are Dental Cleanings Important in Dogs?

Author:Flamingo Pet ClinicDate:2018-04-16
Keeping your dog’s teeth healthy is a vitally important part of her care. Know the importance of pet dental cleanings at Flamingo Pet Clinic.

How Do I Potty Train a Puppy?

Author:Flamingo Pet ClinicDate:2018-03-16
Potty training your puppy will almost certainly be one of your biggest priorities when it comes to its care. Learn the guidelines here at Flamingo Pet Clinic. Call 702-903-3200 for details.

Importance of Dental Radiographs

Author:Flamingo Pet ClinicDate:2018-02-16
Learn more about dental radiographs and why it is important to the health of your furbaby. For inquiries, contact us at 702-903-3200.

Rabbit and Small Mammal Care

Author:Flamingo Pet ClinicDate:2018-01-16
Cats and Dogs are not the only household pets that Flamingo Pet Clinic caters to. We also care for your rabbit and other small mammal furry friends. Contact us at 702-903-3200 for more details.

Taking Your Pet Out in the Snow

Author:Flamingo Pet ClinicDate:2017-12-11
Learn guidelines on how to take care of your furry friends during the winter season. Contact Flamingo Pet Clinic at 702-903-3200 for details.

Signs Your Dog is Having an Allergic Reaction

Author:Flamingo Pet ClinicDate:2017-11-09
Learn the signs and symptoms of your dog having allergic reactions and guidelines on how to prevent them by Flamingo Pet Clinic.

How to Tell if your Pet has Allergies

Author:Flamingo Pet ClinicDate:2017-10-09
It is a necessity to know if your pet companion has allergies. Learn more about how to avoid it today with Flamingo Pet Clinic. Contact 702-903-3200 for details.

How to Take your Cat for a Walk

Author:Flamingo Pet ClinicDate:2017-09-09
It is important to take your cat for a walk. Learn about your feline's health and more here by Flamingo Pet Clinic. Contact 702-903-3200 for details.

What to Know Before Getting a Pet Bird

Author:Flamingo Pet ClinicDate:2017-08-10
Thinking about getting a pet bird? The experienced vets at Flamingo Pet Clinic explain how you can prepare to get a pet bird. Contact Flamingo Pet Clinic at 702-903-3200 for details.

How to Choose the Right Dog Food for Your Dog

Author:Flamingo Pet ClinicDate:2017-07-27
Choosing the right dog food for your pet requires careful consideration and assessment of your pet. Learn these useful tips to determine the right kind for your dog.

Helping Your Cat With Hairballs

Author:Flamingo Pet ClinicDate:2017-06-05
Ever wonder what you can do to help your cat get rid of hairballs? Read about it here! Contact Flamingo Pet Clinic at 702-903-3200 for details.

Why Your Cat is Puking

There are a number of reasons as to why your cat is vomitting, some worse than others. Find out some of the reasons and its prevention at Flamingo Pet Clinic.

Finding the Best Food for Your Pet

Choosing what food to feed your pet can be fairly tricky, but is something every pet owner should have dialed in. Learn some tips and misconceptions about pet food here!

Benefits of Tick and Flea Prevention

Flea and Tick Prevention should be at the top of your list for your furry friend! Contact Flamingo Pet Clinic at 702-903-3200 for an appointment.

Keeping Your Pets and Kids Safe with Regular Veterinary Visits

Regular visits to your veterinarian can help keep your pet healthy and happy. Contact Flamingo Pet Clinic at 702-903-3200 today!

Winter Pet Care Tips for Exotic Pets

Some pets adapt to the cold weather better than others. Many exotic pets need special treatment and preparation, learn about some of these here. Call 702-903-3200 for details.

Warning Signs of Bloating in Your Dog

Dog Bloat can be a very painful thing to happen to your dog. Learn about the symptoms, treatments and prevention methods at Flamingo Pet Clinic. Call 702-903-3200 for details.

Specific Considerations for your Dachshund

If you are looking to get a Dachshund, read this article about some of the breed specific considerations you will need to know before having him/her join the family!

Fun Activities to Enjoy with your Dog

Author:Flamingo Pet ClinicDate:2016-10-10
Dogs are highly intelligent and fun-loving animals, and this means that there is a wide-range of activities that they can participate in and enjoy. Call 702-903-3200 for details.

Can Pets Have Allergies

Author:Flamingo Pet ClinicDate:2016-09-08
Your pet could be a victim of allergies too. What starts as seasonal allergies can sometimes turn into year-round suffering. Call Flamingo Pet Clinic at 702-903-3200 for details.